Saturday, March 27, 2010


(Disclaimer: you likely will not understand this post if you were born anytime after 1980. Just saying.)

Started feeling bad towards the end of the day... was wiped out by the time I got home... stuck on the couch ever since...

Some days I just want to lay down and die...

Remember the movie "The Never Ending Story"? The horse who gave in to the swamps of despair and sunk to his death? Atreyu?

Yeah, I get that horse.


*UPDATED*: Okay, so my jumbled childhood memories may have had this a bit wrong.... whilst food shopping on Sunday (because who doesn't do their best thinking while pushing a cart full of food, listening to muzak and crying children, and dodging other half awake/half irrate shoppers?) it suddenly occurred to me that - I think - the warrior character was Atreyu and his horse was Artax. Possibly.



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  1. :(

    That part of that movie always makes me cry. I get Atreyu too, Jay, you're not alone in that feeling.