Friday, March 19, 2010

Maybe it's the endorphins that make me less murder-y.

So it's Friday - 7:50 pm - and I managed to make it through another week that was not only personally exhausting but insanely busy at work.

And I didn't murder anyone.

(true story.)

Did I want to? Yes, of course. Did I cry unintentionally and have to hide in my office for fear someone would see me and think "oh, there goes the MS girl gettin all worked up again!"? Um, yes, but only two or three times. Did I drink myself into a coma? Actually, no.

(yeah, go back and reread that, it's not a typo.)

On a seperate, but likely related note, I started yoga last week and have been trying to take more walks. Maybe I have the endorphins to thank for the lack of dead bodies that could have been strewn about? I mean, it certainly wasn't the alcohol. Which is sort of shocking in and of itself.

But, just in case - and not to throw off the balance of the universe - I am going to head out now and get stupid drunk.

Because really? I can't take a chance on these endorphins quite yet.


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