Sunday, March 14, 2010

I am in an abusive relationship. With myself.

MS is sort of like an abusive spouse.

Which would clearly make me a battered woman.

I woke up today and got out of bed, only to have to climb on the couch 5 minutes later and remain there for the rest of the day. At some point, I started to think "what did I do to bring this on?" And then I realized:

nothing. at. all.

Sometimes it's clear why a symptom flair-up occurs. I've pushed myself too hard - physically, emotionally, whatever... or maybe I just haven't been sleeping well..... or maybe the stress is just getting the better of me...

Sometimes MS hits me because of something I have done.

Sometimes it hits me for no reason whatsoever.

(It's almost like I can hear it muttering "see what you made me do to you....?")

I only wish I could hit MS back. I would so be Jennifer Lopez in that movie "Enough" where she goes all bad ass and kills her abusive/crazy/stalker husband. Except I would clearly have better hair and bigger boobs. But wouldn't that make it a better scene anyway?

That would be so bad ass.

(Okay, I have to get off the computer before MS catches me and throws me down a flight of stairs.)

((Send help. Please.))

1 comment:

  1. LMFAO!!! Seriously, J, you should compile all your MS blogs into a book - it would be hysterical!

    As for the J-Lo reference, you would TOTALLY be a WAY HOTTER badass formerly abused wife, and would turn into the most crotch-kickingest badass in the world. BTW, I was just watching that movie a few weeks ago, and forgot just how much I LOVE when she puts the beatdown on his ass!