Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Xanax and Wine - party of one?

So many days in a row of feeling bad.... I can't even differentiate between them.

How is it only Wednesday? Surely the breakdown I had this afternoon was worthy of a Friday breakdown..... but no. I made it there in record time.

Of course, I did spend two days all but couch-ridden. (I refuse to be bed-ridden.... bed-ridden seems so much worse.) How did I not see the follow-up emotional tidal wave coming at me? It's like I have selective vision.

And yet, despite my lack of foresight (or maybe because of it?) there I was - caught up in it's undertow, powerless to swim against the current.

(I know, I'm so melodramatic. It's the wine. and Xanax.)

((my apologies.))

The neat and tidy version? I couldn't stop crying.

The whole way home.

I was actually on my way to yoga. But how can one do yoga when one can't catch their breath through the hitching sobs?

Yep. No yoga.

Wine, instead.

Not enough strength for the warrior pose.

Plenty of strength to lift a glass.

(advantage: wine.)

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