Thursday, March 29, 2012

Move along, nothing to see here.....

Wow. It’s the end of March and this is only the second blog I’ve written in 2012. And, as I look back over the last few entries (sporadic and grossly spaced as they were) I realize they’ve all been about MS in some way. And none of them have been all, “Goooooooooo Team MS!”

I’m such a whiney bitch. Even I get sick of me.

(get it? “sick of me”? autoimmune disease?? Ha, brain-hole humor.)

((only I find me funny.))

I wish I had something awesome to blog about. Instead, it’s 2:29 and I’m hiding in my office until 3:00 so I can go home and hide there. Today started out with me yelling about everything little thing that needed no yelling about, making snarky comments in a meeting to no end, and generally bitching about everything to cross my path. Cue the unexpected-but-I-totally-should-have-seen-it-coming crying fit and you understand why I’m hiding.

Seriously, no one needs to see me like that. All, runny mascara and red eyes….. ew. Not fabulous.

So, back in November, I did this presentation for the high school here. Save for the kids that were absent that day, the vast majority of the people here know I have MS. As I mentioned before - it’s much easier telling a few hundred people at a time that I’m ill than those one-on-one conversations where people don’t know whether to feel sorry for me or ask questions or just run away. Just sit there and let me talk at you, en masse, for 20 minutes or so, and you’ll get the idea. Much easier for all involved, including me.

However, this time, I took my MS message and tried to use it for good. If I was going to drop the MS bomb on 1200+ people, might as well try to make something out of the shrapnel. (is that the word I’m looking for? “shrapnel”? I feel all foggy today. It just doesn’t seem right. There’re no red lines under it, so at least it’s spelled right, but please forgive me if the context is wrong. I’m too lazy to thesaurus that shit. (and btw? I totally spelled thesaurus right. *self high five*))

Watch the video and you’ll get the point. We’re all dealing with something. My something is MS. And depression. And hiding in offices. Oh, and drinking wine, but that’ll come later tonight.

If I have the energy.

(who am I kidding? They make straws for that shit.)

I’ll try to come up with something fun to blog about soon. Or, you know, I’ll try to come up with a better combination of meds. Pinky-swear.