Friday, February 26, 2010


So, the other day, I was thinking about the resolutions I made for 2010. Why? Who knows, I like to torture myself that way. Sorry 2010... I've really been a disappointment so far...

It's almost March, and really? I am no closer to being a pole dancing ninja than I was at the close of 2009. I am not blogging with any sort of consistancy. I am certainly further in debt. (um, $200 a month in meds and supplements? wtf is that about??) And I might have gained a few pounds. Although I am no longer eating potato chips at midnight. That's because I have managed to find a supplement combination that helps me sleep better. And I am still drinking like a champ. All in all? I've had a few wins but far more losses.

Time to rally.

I actually started 2010 with good intentions. (yes, I know, I have paved many a road to hell with those.... it's like I don't even need a gps to get there anymore.) But, like life often does, things took a turn for the crazy and I sort of got off track. (which, in a way, might be good, if said road I was paving was heading where it was.... maybe?)

So anyway, here I am.... with a sort of pointless meandering blog and an update that I am starting a yoga class next week. Stage one of my pole dancing ninja plan - check.

You could say I am back on that road now. Which is fine. I figure all the cool people I know will be there anyway, so I'll be in good company when I make it to my destination.

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